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The Agreos Difference

A plastic-free approach to protecting your investment

A Sustainable Shift for Your Investment

Agreos is an innovative, microplastic-free approach to maximize your fertilizer investment. This forward-thinking solution sets a new standard for sustainability in crop management.

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Sustainability Redefined: A Plastic-Free Revolution

Agreos transforms fertilizer coatings through the use of natural biopolymer-based coatings, eliminating the environmental risks associated with traditional microplastic-containing products. This proactive commitment enhances crop performance and contributes to a cleaner, greener future in alignment with global sustainability goals.

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Core Sustainability

Advancing Environmental and Economic Objectives

Agreos advances sustainable agriculture by eradicating harmful microplastics associated with many traditional technologies and curbing nitrous oxide emissions. Through a circular economy-based natural biopolymer, it upholds environmental and economic goals with minimal ecological impact.

Market Leadership for a Sustainable Future

Agreos establishes a competitive edge by avoiding conventional microplastics, solidifying its leadership in climate-smart agricultural solutions. Addressing market and environmental concerns, it reinforces Lucent Bio’s commitment to corporate responsibility across the agrifood value chain.

Assurance for Soil and Microbiome Integrity

Agreos is an eco-conscious choice, protecting the soil and the essential microbiome that sustains plant health. This unique differentiator strengthens Lucent Bio’s commitment to corporate responsibility and ensures a collective victory for stakeholders across the value chain.

Elevating Agriculture, Empowering Agronomists

Agreos is designed to elevate agriculture, protect investments, and anticipates future regulations. Our patented technology merges economic prosperity with sustainability, reshaping crop establishment strategies, reducing costs, and increasing profitability throughout the supply chain.

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