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Agreos Safeguards Farmers’ Fertilizer Investments

Climate-smart fertilizer coating technology

Nurturing Sustainable Agriculture

Discover Agreos, an innovation in controlled-release fertilizer coatings. With advanced biodegradable and microplastic-free coating, Agreos safeguards your fertilizer investment. Its controlled-release formulation optimizes nitrogen delivery, nurturing robust crop growth while ensuring nitrogen fertilizer protection. Agreos embodies a commitment to advanced technology and sustainable solutions, redefining growth and protection in agriculture.

With Agreos, Uncover:

Enhanced Protection, Reduced Pollution

Fertilizer protection without microplastic pollution, thanks to our innovative biodegradable coating designed for clean nitrogen care.

GHG Emissions Reduction

The controlled-release design mitigates nitrous oxide emissions, enhancing nitrogen use efficiency for a more sustainable agri-food system.

Non-Toxic, Biodegradable Solution

Agreos safeguards ecosystems from chemical residues and microplastic pollution associated with conventional products.

Customized Coatings

Collaborate with the Lucent Bio team to create an Agreos controlled-release coating to meet your needs.