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Agreos Unveiled

Making sense of controlled release fertilizers

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Agreos is specially designed to protect your fertilizer investment, optimizing the availability of nitrogen fertilizer, delivering when your crops need it the most.

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Agreos in Action

Maximizing Crop Nutrition Investments

Agreos ensures fertilizer investments thrive. By precisely timing nitrogen release, it delivers nutrients when crops need them most. This customized delivery enhances nutrient availability throughout crop development, ensuring optimal nutrition from seed set to grain fill.

Empowering Your Macros

Enhanced Nutrient Absorption

Agreos provides a gradual and sustained release of nutrients, allowing crops to absorb and utilize them efficiently over an extended period, promoting optimal growth.

Long-Lasting Nutrient Supply

Agreos controlled-release formulation sustains nutrients, minimizing reapplication needs. Enhancing efficiency, it saves farmers time, effort and money.

Reduced Nutrient Loss

Agreos minimizes the risk of nutrient runoff, leaching, and volatilization, preventing unnecessary nitrogen loss and environmental pollution.

Environmental Sustainability

By promoting a controlled and efficient nutrient delivery system without microplastic residues, Agreos contributes to sustainable agriculture.

Sustainable Advancements with Agreos

Agreos redefines controlled-release fertilizers, championing sustainable and microplastic-free agriculture. Its precision in nutrient delivery optimizes crop nutrition, enhancing resource efficiency and maximizing plant health.

By utilizing a sophisticated controlled-release mechanism, Agreos precisely delivers essential nutrients aligned with crops’ growth stages. This tailored system fosters robust growth, enhances nutrient utilization, and minimizes waste by extending nutrient availability.

Unlike traditional fertilizer coatings, Agreos is an eco-friendly solution, free from harmful microplastics, benefiting soil health, ecosystems, and human well-being. This innovative approach actively contributes to a cleaner, healthier environment and more sustainable agri-food systems. Formulated with natural biopolymers, Agreos provides a non-toxic and biodegradable alternative for controlled-release fertilizers.

Choosing Agreos ensures advanced crop nutrition while championing sustainable, eco-friendly farming practices with improved nutrient use efficiency.

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Agreos controlled-release technology delivers the right nutrients at the right time.

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