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Controlled Release
Fertilizer Reinvented

Climate Smart Fertilizer Solutions

Why It's Different

Agreos is advancing climate smart agriculture. As a biodegradable, microplastic-free, controlled release fertilizer coating, Agreos ensures precise nutrient delivery while curbing leaching, nitrous oxide emissions, and microplastic pollution.

How It Works


Why Choose Agreos?

Icon Microplastics

Enhanced Performance, No Microplastics

Agreos optimizes nitrogen release free from microplastic pollution. This biodegradable technology ensures clean, controlled-release of nutrients without leaving residues in the soil and waterways.

Icon N2O

Reduce N20 emissions

Agreos optimizes nitrogen delivery, reducing excessive fertilizer use. Its controlled-release design maximizes nutrient use, curbs nitrous oxide emissions, and elevates nitrogen use efficiency for climate-smart agriculture.

Icon Customized

Customized Coatings

Agreos controlled-release fertilizer coatings are customizable to suit diverse agricultural environments, ensuring optimal nutrient protection, delivery, and bioavailability globally.

Icon Upcycling

Valuable Upcycling

Agreos upcycles natural biopolymers into controlled-release fertilizer coatings, maximizing resource efficiency and increasing grain processing value, aligned with circular economy practices and our environmental commitment.

Partnership Programs

Collaborate with us to develop solutions tailored to meet your unique agricultural needs. Let’s cultivate a climate-smart future together.

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Lucent Bio

Agreos & Lucent Bio

Agreos is one of Lucent Bio’s innovative technology lines designed to support the evolution of more sustainable agriculture. Learn more about Lucent Bio and explore our other solutions, including Soileos and Nutreos, at